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Do I Require Planning Permission for My Log Cabin?


Please note: This information is intended as a guide only and therefore not legal advice. Each Council has different rules, so it is wise that you check with your local Planning Office for more detailed information.

There are two separate subjects to think about when considering a new log cabin – Building Regulation and Planning Permission.

Building Regulations is based on building size and use. The majority of log cabins that we build ourselves do not require Building Regulations.

Planning Permission depends very much on how and where you plan using your log cabin. For example, a simple garden building is regarded different from a granny annex with electric, plumbing and a phone line. We’ve put together a straightforward guide for log cabin Planning Permission which you can find below.


Garden Office Planning Permission

Garden offices and similar buildings are usually considered Permitted Development on your property. This greatly simplifies Planning Permission requirements for your log cabin. If you can answer “Yes” to ALL these questions, you won’t need Planning Permission:

    • Will the building be within your property’s curtilage?
    • Will it occupy no more than 50% of the available ground space around your house?
    • Will it be behind the building line?
    • Will it be single-storey?
    • Will it be no more than 2.5 m high?
    • Is it not to be situated on a National Park, AONB or conservation area?


Granny Annex Planning Permission

Thinking of siting a mobile home within the curtilage of your property for the exclusive use of a family member? Again, if you can answer “Yes” to BOTH questions, you will not need Planning Permission:

  • Does the annex meet the legal definition of a mobile home in the Caravan Act? (please contact us for more information)
  • Will the granny annex remain ancillary to the house?

We recommend that you obtain a Certificate of Lawful Use which confirms the above by your local Council.

Please note: If your granny annex is NOT a mobile home, you will require both Planning Permission and Building Regulations.

Planning Permission for Holiday Homes

We recommend that you contact your local council for more information on Planning Permission for holiday homes.

Lawful Development Certificates

If you want to be certain that the existing use of a building is lawful for planning purposes or that your proposal does not require planning permission, you can apply for a ‘Lawful Development Certificate’ (LDC).

It is not compulsory to have an LDC but there may be times when you need one to confirm that the use, operation or activity named in it is lawful for planning control purposes.

You can apply to your local council for an LDC via the Planning Portal online application service. The application must provide sufficient information for the council to decide the application or else it may be refused. You will have to pay a fee.

Often the issues involved in LDCs are complex and if you decide you need to apply for a certificate you might benefit by obtaining professional advice. Your LPA’s planning officers can also help. They will tell you about the sort of information needed to support your application.

If your application is partly or wholly refused or is granted differently from what you asked for, or is not determined within the time limit of eight weeks, you can appeal. Appeals are made to the Planning Inspectorate.

More information on an LDC can be found here.

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