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August 3, 2020

Are Garden Offices Warm In Winter?

By: Darren / Guides

Something we’re all too familiar with is the unpredictability of the great British weather. With heavy rain one moment and the skies breaking out in sunshine the next, we never know what’s around the corner! With this fact in mind, the UK weather is one thing to consider when it comes to deciding whether a garden office space is right for you.

Garden offices have risen in popularity over the past few years. Especially in the current climate where the world of work has changed dramatically due to the virus and the cost of renting has increased, they’re an ideal solution in making the most out of your property. Click here to find 7 reasons why you need a Garden Office Log Cabin.

If you’re thinking about building a garden office, it’s quite common to have a couple of questions you’ll want to find the answers to first! Of course, it would be infuriating if you were to build a garden office only to find it was practically unusable for the majority of the year. From unpredictable downpours to freezing temperatures (and then the few days of hot weather that we have), we’re here to explain how your garden office will remain fully usable all year-round. Read on to find out exactly why this is.

Garden Offices Built with Comfort in Mind


When thinking about a garden office, many peoples minds wander to the idea of a traditional garden shed. Often made from flimsy wood and primarily used to store gardening equipment, the sheds that come to mind are a far throw from the quality garden offices that we build for our customers! Unlike a shed, garden offices are designed to provide comfort for humans – not just rusty old lawnmowers.

After a few wet winters, sheds can become run-down and downright unpleasant places. Garden offices, on the other hand, are built for an altogether different purpose. Working in a comfortable environment is always the way forward; as experienced garden office manufacturers we understand this.

How Does a Garden Office Stay Warm in the Winter?


We’re used to cold weather, but we don’t want it seeping into the office as we’re trying to concentrate on work. Think of the garden office just like building a miniature, standalone house structure. Homes are insulated, as they’re designed to keep heat inside. The same goes for garden offices. The innovative insulation systems that we use are almost no different to those used when building homes. This means your garden office will be just as well insulated as any other room in your home.

Alongside these highly regarded insulation systems, we also understand the importance of incorporating quality fittings and fixtures. From doors to windows, draughts can get in almost anywhere if the design isn’t properly considered, which can be one cause of a chilly cabin.

Even with well-insulated materials and professionally fitted fixtures, feel the cold British chill indoors on a freezing day is inevitable. Heating appliances can be integrated into the design of your garden office, to avoid moments just like these. With technology having come a long way in recent years, your office heating system doesn’t have to take over too much space; and due to quality insulation, it shouldn’t require too much energy to run either. We know space utilisation is key in any workspace, so there are now a range of subtle heating systems you can opt for. All these factors work together to help keep your garden office cosy and warm throughout even the coldest of winter days.


Quality Materials Matter


As with all industries, some garden office or log cabin manufacturing companies simply don’t have their customers best interests at heart. They revert to using cheap, non-sustainable materials that are unlikely to survive the seasons well. These garden offices can look impressive to begin with, however that’s before they’ve had to withstand any changes in the weather. We all know how nature likes to wreak havoc on almost everything it comes across, and garden offices are no exception.

At Eco Friendly Lodge Cabins, we always partner with quality material providers throughout every step of the building process. The timber we choose in our creations are carefully selected, with considerations made as to how well they withstand the British weather. Our window and door fixtures are designed to keep heat indoors, while everything fits together snugly in a way that eliminates any breeze and potential for damp.

When we’re building garden offices, we want them to last. We see the installation of your new garden annexe as an investment; something that will continue to remain a cosy, habitable space to work in for many years to come. Our garden offices are built with sustainability in mind; so that you can use them all year round. We hope this article has answered some of your questions about how garden offices stay warm through the seasons, even in winter. If not, we’re always here to answer any questions you may have about our garden office services.