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April 1, 2023

7 Reasons Why You Need A Garden Office Log Cabin

By: Darren / Guides / 3 Comments

In the current climate where the world of work has changed dramatically, we seem to be talking to more and more people looking to invest in garden office buildings as their new place to work from.

For anybody new to home working, the challenge is trying to create the right environment to still enable you to be productive, effective and focused on what you have been asked to do. It is so easy to become distracted, lose focus and then struggle switching off that often the only solution is setting up a segregated work space that separates work from home. That is where a garden office log cabin comes in, and here is our top 7 reasons why a garden office log cabin is a must:

Garden Office Log Cabin Benefits


1 – Helps To Cut the Commute

This will be the most obvious and biggest benefit for many. We can both agree one of the most arduous parts of the workday is the commute. Whether it is a two hour train or bus journey, an hour’s drive or a 20 minute walk, it takes time out of your day that you will never get back. The move to a garden office building will save you hours that can be better spent on work, family time and staying healthy.


2 – Provides a Better Work and Home Balance

Time spent commuting is family time lost. Having a workplace situated right in your back garden means balancing work and home obligations will not be too daunting.


3 – Can Save You Money in the Long Run

Working from home in a garden office will inevitably save significant money on travel, car maintenance and lunch bills.

A frequent question on the Internet is “Will I get any tax relief if I build an office in my garden?”. Not all costs of a garden office log cabin is claimable against your income because expenditure on buildings, structures and land do not qualify for capital allowances (tax relief).  Items that can be claimed on are as follows:

  1. Thermal insulation
  2. Electrical features such as lighting, heating, ventilation, air cooling etc.
  3. Kitchen fittings and equipment
  4. Washbasins, sinks and toilets
  5. Furniture and furnishings
  6. Fire alarm systems
  7. Electrical equipment such as computers, telephones, security equipment. This also includes their specific wiring.

This list by no means includes all items that qualify for tax relief, and the rules are ever-changing. We recommend if there is anything you are unsure of please seek further advice from an expert.


4 – Helps the Environment

Whether you drive or use public transport to get to work, you are increasing your carbon footprint. Working from home takes that out of the equation.


5 – Provides an Opportunity for More Flexible Working Hours

Working as a freelancer from your home garden office comes with its perks including flexible working hours. This will help allow you to work around your other commitments such as childcare and family responsibilities.


6 – Can Be Set Up However You Want

Shared office spaces and workplaces can have many restrictions on what you are and you are not allowed to do. Rather than having to spend your weekdays crammed into a generic grey cubicle, you can work in an environment of your choosing. Maybe you need to be surrounded by plants, or keep your office environment at a certain temperature. From the office chair to the colour of the walls, you will have complete control over the décor of your garden office.

It does not just end there as a garden office building. Many of our customers opt for a larger cabin to create a multi-use space, and with such flexibility in the design, what is a garden office today could be a home gym or somewhere for guests to stay overnight tomorrow.

See “Why Choose A Bespoke Garden Gym Room?” for more information on garden gym rooms.


7 – Adds Value to Your Property

Adding a log cabin to your garden can increase your property value by up to 15%. This all depends on your current property value and the size and quality of your log cabin. According to the Federation of Master Builders in 2018, a new garden room or outside playroom for the kids could add more than £35,000 to an averagely priced home in Surrey.



One of our most frequently asked questions is: will my garden office be warm enough to use comfortably in the winter months? The short and simple answer is yes! All the garden offices that we manufacturer come fully insulated.

If you’re looking for a better work and home balance then a well-designed garden office log cabin is your solution. With summer just around the corner, there is no better time to invest in your outdoor space and open up more opportunities to spend time in your garden. For more information on what we do here at Eco Friendly Lodge Cabins, please check out our services page here.

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